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Job Descriptions

Board Member Exit Survey?>

receipt of board meeting packets

Fundraising and scheduling school trips

attending a school not in your district

combining clasrooms for multi-age configuration

Budgeting for School Food Program

Adventure Course Policy

Working with Town Government

Community Survey

Role of seniority in Reduction in Force decisions

Aftercare for Pre-School Children

Contracts on website

School Emergency Generators?

The Pledge of Allegiance

Recognizing Employees

Closing School in Hopes to Privatize

School Calendar Vacation Change

Social Media with Your Community

Sports Fund Raising

Teacher Evaluation

School Board By-laws

Teacher-Student Facebook Relationships

Bond Vote

Teacher Nonvoting Representative on the Board

Transportation for Private School Students

Outsourcing Human Resources

Social Media for School Groups

Non-resident Teachers’ Children

Academic Gender Gaps

Public Teacher Contract Negotiations

Budgeting for Negotiations

Pesticide Spray by School

Administrator Attendance to Board Meetings

Board Packets

School Day Care for a Fee

School Management Software

Holiday Parties with Other Board Members

Administrative Constructive Criticism

Board Members Getting Answers

Hot Lunch Program?